What is a Virtual Phone System?

In this article I'm going to talk about Virtual Phone Systems.

If you’re running a business, then you know how hard it is to manage your customer phone calls, right? That’s where you need a Virtual Phone System. It’s a system that manages all of your customers’ calls automatically without any hassle like buying new desk phones, and routing equipment.

Unlike the desk phones, virtual phones are cloud-hosted, so if you’re planning to purchase one, then you’ll not need to worry about things like buying new desk phones each time when they broke.

There are lots of companies that offer a virtual phone system. CloudTalk, and  TalkRoute are good companies if you’re interested to buy a virtual phone system for your business.

With a virtual phone system, your employers can work at home, or anywhere they like, they don’t need to be stuck at the office all day to answer your customer phone calls. That is a pro if you’re planning to change from a desk phone system to a virtual phone system.

Let's talk about the basic process of a virtual phone company.

After you sign up for a virtual phone system company, they will give you a number, and that number will look like the same as a desk phone number.

If you don’t like a new number, and you want to keep the old business number, don’t worry most companies will port your existing phone number into their system, so you can use your old desk phone number as the virtual phone number.

Once the phone number configured, then the company will configure a receptionist. A receptionist is something like a greeting. Did you ever hear something like this when you trying to call a company; “Hello, you reached to [company name], press 1 for a one on one call, press 2 if you like to know about our products” This is an example for a receptionist.

So, after the virtual phone system company figure out your receptionist, then they will start passing the customer to the service that they choose.

Once your customer passes the receptionist, then your virtual phone company going to direct your customer into several devices such as a mobile, landline, Skype, etc. Then a customer support manager from your company can answer that call and help your customer.

Let’s say if there is no one on the other side to take that phone call, the virtual phone system got you covered by that too. If there is no one to answer to your customer, then that call will redirect to a personal receptionist at the virtual phone system company, then that person will explain why your company couldn’t answer that customer’s phone call, so hopefully, your customers won’t be mad at your business. After that, the virtual phone system company will allow your customer to leave a voice mail, so you can get back to your customer without a problem.

So, that’s the basic process of a virtual phone system.

Let me recommend you a good virtual phone company to tryout.


This company is based on United States, and it’s in the market for virtual phone systems around 4 years now. It has 4 out of 5 starts at TrustPilot. Their prices are starting from $15 per month, and you can take a 14-day free trial without giving your credit card details.

So that wraps up this article, hope you I helped you to understand about virtual phone systems. Thanks for reading, have a nice day. Be well.

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