Top 3 Email Marketing Software

In this article I'm going to talk about top 3 email marketing softwares of 2020.


AWeber is a good email marketing software if you’re running a small business, it’s well priced and it has good features such as,

Email Newsletters.

Email Automation.

Tagging: Base on the clicks and open of your email you can apply tags to trigger automated email campaigns.

Split Testing: You can test subject lines, sending times and email contents side by side to understand what works well with your emails.

Easy Integrations.

RSS To Email: This will help you to get more visitors to your blog if you have a one by sharing your blog posts via email and social media.

Sign-Up Forms: With sign-up forms, you can make an email list to re-marketing your business products.

Subscriber Management: With AWeber, it’s easy to collect track and manage your customers, without a hassle.

Subscriber Segmenting: This feature will help you to send targeted emails to your email list subscribers by creating a subscriber segment.

Email tracking: You can track, open rates, click-through rates of your emails easily.

Email Templates: If you don’t want to write and design an email by your self, then you can use AWeber’s 700+ email templates to make your work easy.

If you’re interested in this email marketing software, then you can find more information by using the links below.


This is a good email marketing software if you’re running a medium-size business.

They offer,

  • Newsletter Forms.
  • Auto Responders: You can use this software to send follow up emails to your customers without sending them manually.
  • Automated¬†Emails.
  • Segment Specific Sends.
  • Email Templates.
  • Track Your Emails.
  • Easy Integrations.
  • RSS To Emails.
Their prices are starting from $15 per month, if you’re interested they have a free trial.
You can learn more about GetResponse by using the links below.


Ontraport is kinda pricey, this is not for small or medium-sized businesses, if your business is large and has lots of customers, then look no further than Ontraport.

Their prices are starting from $79, that’s another reason this software is not suitable for small companies. $79 per month is quite a lot, but it’s worth the money if you’re willing to spending on Ontraport.

They offer,

  • Automatic Email Tracking.
  • Automated Follow-up.
  • List Segmentation.
  • Tracked Links.
  • Custom Domain for All Tracking Links.
  • Split Testing.
  • Merge Fields.
  • Transactional Email.
  • Spam Scoring.
  • Newsletters.
  • Broadcasts.
  • Automated Re-engagement.

So, as you can see Ontraport has lots of more features than the other email marketing softwares that I mention in this article if you want to dig deep about Ontraport use the links below.

Before I end this article, I have to say that all three of these email marketing softwares have free trials.

If you think your company needs a good quality email marketing software to manage your customers, then you should consider using one of these softwares. it doesn’t cost you anything to use the free trial of any of these softwares.

So, that wraps up the top 3 email marketing softwares article, hope I gave some value from this.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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