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Last Update: 17/06/2020


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What Is

Years In Business

LambdaTest is a cloud based browser testing platform. There are more than 2000 different web browsers available for testing. It was founded in 2017 while the main branch of it is located in the U.S.A.

The purpose of LambdaTest is to test your website to see how well your website performs in different web browsers, You can make your website fully responsive by testing your website using LambdaTest.

Web Developers, small business owners, and bloggers use this software to check their websites with different browsers to see how well their websites responsive for each browsers.


✅ Move and copy: You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure in lambda will take care of that, just paste your code and it is done.

Requirements based testing: Requirement-based testing is a testing approach in which test cases, conditions and data are derived from requirements.

Support parallel execution.

Live browser testing: That is to say, you can ensure the quality of your website on different screens in live manner.

Resolution display testing: Website resolution tool the ability to test your website with different screen resolutions.

Screen shot testing: A technique used by end-to-end captures a screenshot from an URL and then compares the result with an expected image. It’s a simple and easy way to verify that your application is working as you expect.

Multiple browser testing: Browser testing is a method of quality assurance for web applications across multiple browsers.


LambdaTest has a reliable support. You can reach them via a support ticket.


✅ Easy to use.

]✅ Mobile browser testing: Carrying out your browser testing method through a mobile device, It also makes assure the quality of your browser across multiple browsers.

✅ Always LambdaTest is with up to date with of browsers.

✅ They will provide you a reliable customer service 24/7 hours.

✅ As mentioned above LambdaTest is a user friendly software, and also, it is easy to deal with other third party softwares such as Jira, slack, and Asana.

✅ Best prices in the industry.

✅ The most precious thing is you do not need any credit or debit card to start your free trial.



Among some of the cons of this software system,

✅ It cannot access multiple users at the same time. 


✅ If there is a WordPress plugin to test new pages directly, it would a plus.

 Lambda cannot integrate with sales force. Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software company that specializes in customer relationship management.

Sometimes it may cause lags in virtual machines for a very short period of time. But it’s not that much of a big deal.

If you use high resolution, the test can be slightly leggy, and also it depends on your internet connection too.

If you lock the system, the season gets expired too quickly, then you have to login to the software again. 


LambdaTest is a overall good browser testing platform which is  reasonably priced. If you want to know how your website performs in different websites, then you should give a try. There is a free plan which you access by clicking here.

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